So, finally, the Afraid version 0.0.5 is finished and now the time arrives to keep our heads down, quiet and completing Afraid first Demo. So, we do our best to make sure that we have the proper time to complete this demo.

It's our most ambitious in scope and debut game we ever created. We wanted to wait until we had something epic, unique, and new to talk about because we are going to being mysterious and keeps our head down to complete this game demo. So, it can take some time for the new updates of the game, and all we ask is to the fans that put some faith in us, trust us we gonna do right by you.

Afraid will be going to be much more than a horror game. It is about the story, game-play, characters, emotions, feelings, life, etc. The Game should be "fun" to the players if the game isn't "fun" then who will bother to play it. That's why it will take some time to complete the first demo. We at Gamaddict care about players more than any other, that's why we want to give our players the best experience which no other game accomplishes.

Thank you,

Adnan Yousuf

Founder & Lead Developer


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