The Original Soundtrack for "Afraid".

Brought to you by our fantastic composer Emily Cheng ( Gisula ).

Atmospheric, distorted horror main menu theme created by Gisula for the in-development horror game “Afraid”, by Gamaddict. Steam release planned for late 2021.

Fear, combat, survival, exploration, and item management: these are the five pillars of survival horror, a genre that has been masterfully executed in the game play of Afraid.

Track List:

1. "Afraid Theme" - Gisula

2. "Paranoia" ft. Vincent Miceli

3. "Silent Kill" - Gamaddict

4. "Behind The Shadows" - Gamaddict

5. "Investigation" - Gamaddict

6. "Berceuse" - Gamaddict

7. "Unaided" - Gamaddict

8. "Cascading" - Gamaddict

9. "Cascading" - Gamaddict

10. "Desolated" - Gamaddict

Now we are working on the major OST Album of Afraid with a musical soundtrack to vocal addition in the soundtrack the OST Part 2 will be released soon.

-Adnan Yousuf

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